Rain, snow, or shine, you’ll find us running in the metro Boston area on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, or whenever the hares and hounds want (although we tend to avoid conflicting with other kennels because we like to go most of them too). So check out the calendar on the main page and join us for a beer and be ready for a run. Setting a trail soon? Check out our hare guide.

Never Hashed Before?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try hashing but you are not sure what to do when you arrive and what to bring with you. Below are a few notes that might answer some questions that you might have.

What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive look for a group of people dressed in running kit wearing bright t-shirts and ask "R U?" - hashers will respond "On On". Don’t worry, like the description of the planet Earth in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy they are all mostly harmless.

What do I do with my bag?

Carry it with you! Or risk leaving it at start (e.g., stashed or locked up with your bicycle). We do stress please do not bring ANYTHING valuable or easily broken, the hash will not be held responsible for anything that goes missing or damaged.

How much does hashing cost?

Your first hash is free and all you need to bring with you is some drink and food money. After that, it’s just $5 a run. If you don't pay in advance , you will need to give your run money to the hare. After the run please find them as soon as possible and give them your money, after all they want to sit down with a drink and relax just like you.

Is there somewhere to get changed?

If we meet outside, there's no changing areas unless you are able to scout one out. At a pub the only place to get changed is the Ladies or the Gents loos. Our advice would be to get changed at home or turn up early.

How far do you run?

Most runs are between 3 to 5 miles long, depending on how far you want to run. Don’t worry about being able to keep up, there are people of all abilities and you can always put your T pass in your pocket before you leave and get back or bring your phone and call an Lyft/Uber (or just walk back).

What do I need to bring with me?

Obviously your running kit but please bring warm dry clothes to change into after the run as down downs are held outside all year round. And, the most important thing to bring with you is a sense of humour! We hope to see you at the hash soon and On On!

What is your relationship to Boston Hash House Harriers?

Boston H3 and Beantown City H3 are separate kennels that run trails on their own rules, though in similar neighborhoods within metro Boston.


Beantown City H3 has been epidemiologist endorsed both in premise and in protocols. Getting socialization and physical exercise are both serious health concerns (mental and physical, respectively)! Outdoor, masked, and physical distanced gatherings are inherently lower risk but let's make it as safe as possible and (please) respectful of state and local regulations/orders. We will change things as needed in order to be compliant; our current info is:

Please email GM@beantown.cityhash.org with any updated or additional info.

I want to start a CityHash kennel in my area!

Contact GM@cityhash.org - we're a big tent and we'd love to have you aligned and/or affiliated with us!